I am not dreaming
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I AM NOT DREAMING : today is really a beautiful day (150 pages)


Thây Phap Dang is a beloved senior dharma teacher in the Plum Village Vietnamese Thiên (Zen) Tradition. He resides in Upper Hamlet and devotes his time to poetry, writing, and guiding the monastic and lay community in the practice.

Thây’s writing is fused with strength, gentleness, and wisdom, which can help be a trustful guide through the sometimes confusing and uncomfortable stages of young adulthood. Through mindful contemplations, Thây reconnects us with what is simple, good, and beautiful.  This book is especially written with the new generation in mind – the future of our humanity.

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AS IS : Contemplations and Confessions

As we are all born to die, the deep inquiry one might ask is, « How can I die to truly live? »

Dat Phan offers us contemplative and autobiographical prose and essays on love, impermenance, emptiness, and non-duality.

« As the distance between the beginning and ending of our lives become shorter and shorter, the simple things begin to take on a quality of their own: listening to a stream, watching the sunset, feeling your feet supported by the earth, being with family and friends, breathing consciously and knowing that we are alive. »

« It’s alright. He know what he’s doing. » Zen Master Giac Thanh (Scattered Memories – collected poems, Parallax Press)

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THE CHANGING RIVER : A Meditative Fiction, (365 pages)

Dat Phan-Angevin

This underground best-seller has succinctly welded all the spiritual classics together. Why waist your money buying them all when you can get it here?

« Dat’s vision is sharp, gentle, and shinjanged (thoroughly processed) » Michael Carroll, Awake at Work and The Mindful Leader

Visionary Fiction Finalist, USA Book Award

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